About Us

Blue Ice Puf Panels and Refrigeration is committed to provide world class Puf Panels and Refrigeration products to preserve food for our generations to come. We have complete cold chain solutions for Ice cream production and storage facilities, banana ripening facility, Pharma product storages, Horticulture, Floriculture, Palletized cold storages, cargo facilities, Packhouse, CA storage, Seed Storage, Sea food industry and any other application which needs refrigeration.


We have complete range of products to choose for your applications. Prefab panels, Wall or ceiling mounted  indoor units,condensing units, compressor rack systems equipped with microprocessor controllers are designed and manufactured with highest standards.


We have been a trusted name in delivering best solution for both food processing and cold chain management. We pride ourselves in providing most excellent solutions for our customers.

Complete Cold Chain Solutions

Our Cold Chain Solutions are of the latest technologies

  • From Farm to junction
  • Control Atmospher Chamber
  • Pre cooling Chamber
  • Palletized cold storages
  • Modular cold rooms
  • Fruits ripening facility and many more

Our solutions are designed to provide complete storage facilities for different industries segment like

  • Milk and dairy industries
  • Ice Cream Industries
  • Fruit Ripening Industry
  • Fruit and vegetable storage
  • Floriculture / Horticulture industries
  • Seafood industries
  • Retail Outlet for Dairy - Ice Cream
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food processing industries
  • Pharma product storages
  • Hotels and hospitality industries
  • Plastic Industries
  • Chemical Processing Industries
  • Biological/Research
  • Logistic

Blue Ice offers indigenous equipments ranging for positive temperature and negative temperature applications.

For larger refrigeration equipments, Blue Ice offers imported equipments from sourcing partners.