Incubation Chamber

Are you finding the procedure to produce best quality curd

  • In our Indian culture, 'dahi' (Gujrati, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Urdu), 'dohi' (Oriya), Mosou (Kannada) or thayir (Tamil) is the yogurt of India, know for its characteristic, sweet tart test semi sold consistency. It is also Religiously as well as Scientifically proven good for health.


  • We can’t retain its test and quality equal due to variations in indian weather conditions and slight deviations in procedure so as a solution of that BLUE ICE provides you exact methodology with appropriate temperature conditions on base of our wide experience and some expert's advice

  • Stage No.4 and 5 in above method is most important
  • BLUE ICE offers your exact solution for stage No. 4 and 5 and of couse for stage No.6 also.
  • We offers you Incubation room with hot unit (as shown in photograph above) which can maintain 42°Cwith 1°Cdeviation for stage No.4
  • For stage No.5 our Blast Chiller is useful to chill the culture upto 20°Cwithin 1 hour
  • At last, for stage No.6 you can use our regular cold room.

If you will prepare curd according to above procedure, you will get curd with same test & quality in every season which can maintain its quality for long time and you can prepare delicious Indian Items like Lassi, Raita, Shrikhand, Kari etc. which will have best quality.