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What is Ripening Chamber ?

Ripening is a process in fruits that causes them to become more palatable.

Blue Ice India provides the most advanced fruits ripening Chambers for fruits like mango, banana, and papaya. We offer standard Fruits Ripening Chamber which provides the most cost-effective solution in ripening fruits. There are various methods for ripening fruits. The Ripening fruits with Ethylene are the most popular way of doing ripening. Ripening with Ethylene is scientific and proven with safe ripening method accepted worldwide. Exposure of unripe fruit to a minuscule dose of ethylene is sufficient to stimulate the natural ripening process until the fruit itself starts producing ethylene in large Quantities. When it happened in the controlled temperature and humidity condition. The output will be excellent. In today’s world of globalization, the customer has become very much quality conscious about the fruits if fruits properly ripened and displayed in presentable form with attractive color definitely catches the eyes of the buyer and fetch higher value. Ethylene gas is used for ripening most of the climacteric fruits. under the controlled condition of temperature, humidity and ethylene concentration in the airtight room. Ethylene being natural hormone does not pose any health hazard for fruits and also being a detraining agent which turn out peel from green to perfect yellow and maintain sweetness and fragnance of fruits thus value addition in fruit is possible.

Ripeninig Expertise

Blue Ice is a leading provider of banana ripening solutions in India today. numbers of Fruits traders and farmers are Blue Ice customers get ripened in over fruits Ripninig Chambers everyday. This domain knowledge in the field ensures that each Blue Ice Ripening Cold Chambers is designed bottom up, to maintain the precise conditions required by each specific application. Factors such as humidity, temperature, ventilation and specific gas emission levels within each ripening chamber are tuned to optimum levels, in each chamber design, based on requirements at each facility. Blue Ice ripening chambers are reliable, robust and built to last. They are also backed by proven service capability through a nationwide network, even in remote inaccessible areas.

  • Design your installation to suit your capacity requirement
  • Reduce wastage and increase profits
  • Plan the timing of your produce output and avoid seasonal variations
  • Ensure hygienic and food-grade handling of your produce
  • Deliver uniform colour and taste due to controlled ripening
  • Enjoy higher realisation on your produce
  • Reduce operating cost and optimise initial investment.

Key Product Features

Blue Ice state-of-the-art fruits ripening chambers use:

  • Reliable, energy-efficient refrigeration units
  • Intelligent microprocessor controller
  • Timer-based electrically operated ventilation systems and exhaust fans
  • High CFM evaporators to ensure uniform airflow inside the chamber
  • Gas-emission systems for flexible, large-scale ripening processes
  • Ethylene generators for sequential ripening solutions
  • Humidifiers to maintain high humidity throughout the ripening cycle